Brufut Nema


Brufut Nema is situated behind Ghana town close to Madiana, it is a relatively new village with no electricity or running water, a scenic village next to the river. The villagers asked if we could build them a school as they have no hospital, clinic, primary or nursery school, we then proceeded to raise funds and until enough money was collected to start the building the children were taught outside in a tent.


Work commenced on this nursery school in September 2012 and we have built three classrooms and toilets for the children, at the moment our school is classed as a play group because we need more funding to employ a qualified full time teacher and build a store and staff toilets. The school is run by volunteer mums, dads and youths of the village.


Since building our school, we send, on average, 21 children to a primary school which as recently been built within walking distance.

COTG Abuko Kusalang Brufut Nema

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