Matze, Ricci and the class of Karma Karma £1150.00

Tyrone Serrao £500

Sue & Kev Smith £100

Bradford Rotary Club £350

Saskia Hollender School: 12 large containers holding shoe boxes with toys, paper, pencils, soap, toothbrushes and toothpaste





Bradford Park Avenue and Tyersal Football Clubs: Football kits


Lisa Sherriff: School equipment including reading books, pens, pencils, posters and exercise books

Alan & Anne Sherriff, £950 which paid for shelving and windows for 3 classrooms, also teachers uniforms for Brufut Nema School.

Mandy Forrest, Sarah and Facebook friends: Baby clothes, Tee shirts and dresses

Sandal Primary School, Baildon; Educational material and school uniforms for both girls and boys.

John Helm: Educational equipment & continuous payment for the shipping costs of all goods to Gambia

Parents, teachers and the children of Cottingley Village Primary School, together collected, education material, books and t- shirts.

Baildon Churches Together, West Yorkshire, held a coffee morning which raised £207.80, a marathon, run by Richard fitzpatrick raised a further £168.00, also members of the four churches, collected, pencils, exercise books, plimsolls, reading books and tee shirts, all of which was organised by Michael Skelton.

We would like to thank everyone who has already donated and supported our charity.


Each month we donate a small amount of money to our teachers, which allows the children to attend our schools for free; we also supply the necessary equipment and materials, including tissues, disinfection and soap.


We desperately need funding and have decided to set up a “Once a Year Club”, we are asking for £12 a year, £1 a month, and would really appreciate your help. Hildred will be returning to Gambia shortly and will keep you updated with photos and the progress we are making.




Bank: NatWest

Account Name: Children of the Gambia

Account number: 42349524

Sort code: 56 00 36


If you decide to join our “Once a Year Club” could you please email your name and details to [email protected]


In January of last year we had a fire in our store room which destroyed all our supplies and the building itself, we were devastated, we had no idea how we were going to replace all the items lost or where the money would come from to build a new store room.


But we did not imagine the support we would receive from family and friends. John Helm, Tracey and John contributed towards rebuilding the store room and through a Just Giving page, coffee morning and raffle you managed to raise a total of a staggering £1,070.


We would like to thank the following people and include everyone else who kindly donated or gave their time to help in replenishing our supplies which include, exercise books, pens, pencils, rulers and all school equipment, Janet Bruno, Victoria Kirk, Suzie & Andrew Brown, Jill Swift, Claire Cockcroft, Rachael Moore, Sandy Higgins, Sadie Ferriday, Mandy Forrest, sally Illingworth, Maggie De’Vries, Charlotte Taylon, Aurelie Noublanche, Francesca Craven and Sarah Willis, John Helm, Alan & Anne Sheriff. Thank you.